What’s the difference when playing American Roulette?

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In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the subject of Roulette. We
want to introduce you to the American version of the game roulette, and explain the rules,
game strategies and other facts. The game of blackjack, is one of the best known, but also
the oldest slot games, and is taken up again and again by the media. The game is also
known under the name “21”, which has a special reason. Over the years, the game became
more and more popular and well-known. Meanwhile, there are countless versions of the
game Blackjack, but the basic rules remain much the same. The American roulette is a
further developed version of the European roulette version, which is also referred to as
French roulette in everyday life. However, there are some differences, so in the American
version, instead of the simple zero, the double zero is introduced, which has the
consequence that the house advantage of the respective gaming hall or casino is more
worthwhile. As a result, the game can be finished sooner. Another difference is that the
tables of American roulette are different from those of European roulette. The language of
American roulette is logically also English, so it comes to the fact that the croupier is
addressed in English when he has questions. More American roulette rules can be found in
detail in the next article.

American Roulette, Rules, Layout and Strategies
Starting with the layout, there are some differences between American and European
roulette, which is also due to the American numbers. During the layout you will notice that the
roulette table contains the number 00, i. e. the double zero. So there are a total of 38 tips
instead of 37.
The aim of the game is basically very simple. You have to beat the dealer. You can do this
by using your cards to get as close as possible to the number 21 without incurring any
losses. You may not exceed the number 21, but you may not be below the number. Each
card has a different value, such as the Ace card, has either one or eleven points. The

number of points is determined according to the situation for your advantage. All cards with
picture have 10 points, while the pay cards retain their own value.
At the beginning of the game round, each player is dealt two cards face up. The dealer’s
cards remain face down. The dealer is allowed to look at his cards, but the other players are
not allowed to see them unless it is blackjack, i. e. if the dealer has reached 21 with his
cards. Players must then place their bets. Players can then gradually decide between the
moves “Hold” or “Hit. ” In the latter case, the respective player receives another card. The
player can ask the dealer to “hit” as often as he wants. When the player is through with his
turn, the remaining cards are dealt by the dealer until the minimum score of 17 is reached. If
your first two cards you have received reach the score of 21, you have won the round. The
same applies if your points are less than 21, but exceed the dealer’s score. Another way to
win the round would be if the dealer overbought and still stayed under 21. There may also be
a draw, also called “push. ” In this case, none of the players wins.
Betting, Rules, Payouts at American Roulette
In American roulette, the order of the numbers is slightly different than in European roulette.
For example, the rules of American roulette state that the pairs of numbers lying side by side
in the kettle must always be directly opposite the numbers 0, 00 and 1,2, 3, 4 and so on. 1 To
the left of the double zero, all 4 fields to the left are the odd numbers of the next pair of
numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 until you reach zero. All other pairs of numbers are similarly distributed
in the boiler, but not all numbers follow a uniform pattern. For example, it continues to the left
of the red 1 with four slots as black odd numbers: 13, 15 and 17, but then 11 and 4 squares,
and the last black number before zero is the even number 28. American Wheel Da does not
represent a significant difference between the payout percentage of the game and the
European version. Double Zero has a higher bank advantage (5. 26%), but the end player’s
winning expectation is lower (94. 34%).
Betting strategies in American roulette:
In American roulette, a distinction is made between so-called inside bets and outside bets.
Inside betting refers to a certain number or a smaller number of numbers. Outside bets are
usually 2:1 or 1: Outside the roulette table: 1 place a bet. The payout on inside bets is very
high, but the probability of winning is low. On the other hand, external bets are associated
with lower payouts and at the same time your chances of winning here are also higher.
Beginners are advised to bet externally, so that you don’t lose too much money at once and
can also invest less money. The Martingale strategy is still the most important roulette
strategy, but a distinction should be made between Martingale and Reverse Martingale
strategies, as both have opposite objectives.
Tricks and Tips for American Roulette. . .
Before you start playing, you should definitely memorize the Basic Rules. Over time, you will
probably also notice that they gradually develop their own strategies and get by with it. With
time, the experience will definitely come, so you will soon be able to try free trial versions of
American Roulettes Online, and only use real money when you really feel ready and secure.