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Where did boxing originate from?

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Where did Boxing originate from?

Boxing was born from the Greek and Egyptian civilisation. The first appearance of
boxing in history back to 560 later Jésus-Christ .
Subsequently modern boxing appears during the nineteen century boxing
becomes a distraction for the British aristocracy who bets money on players.
Later 16 official rules appear to frame the discipline.
They require, for example, the wearing of gloves, put in place weight categories :
Fly weight , light weight, medium, heavy , super- heavy…
They also limit the round to 3 minutes and forbid to strike an adversary on the

What Year was english boxing mentioned first?

English boxing appears for the first time at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1901.
Women’s boxing appears in 1904, at the Olympic Games in saint-Louis in USA.
In boxing they are 4 types of striking primary:
The straight-punch, it’s a direct push,
the hook- punch, this is a hook generally oriented towards the jaw or liver,
the undercut is a punch used in boxing at the opponent’s chin. It is, along with the
cross, one of the two main punches that count as power punches.
and the over-cut.
Of numerous variant of boxing were subsequently born, the most emblematic of
them being the English boxing it is practised only with the hands the goal is to
send percussion hits with padded gloves.
The French boxing is played with the hands and feet are objective is touch the
adversary with control and precision the movement must be effective and

What is the boxing style Thai boxing?
The thaï boxing is the most powerful, is a martial art, and more precisely a fighting
sport, classified in the West among fist-foot boxes. It is nicknamed the art of the
eight members in reference to the eight parts used of the arms and legs.
The thaï boxing to her also brought variants the Vietnamese boxing, Laotian
The last categories is MMA is the most violent type of boxing there is because ,it’s
a free fight from body to body. In MMA, punches, kicks , knees, and elbows are
Boxing belt laying brings important recognition, these belts are obtained in the
presence of a federal supervisor
They are 5 belts in boxe, the IBF, WBA, WBC , RING and the most prestigious is
Boxing is at the origin of a lot of official or non- official sports betting,
A multitude of combos are organised in the same room, and the public bets on
their favorite fighter. It is also possible to bet directly online and watch the battle

Where do i find boxing classes?

It is also recently possible to attend online boxing classes that range from warm-
up to training.

Practitioners learn how to punch, how to dodge punches and how to block
These courses help improve physical fitness (strength training) and build muscle.
There is personal coaching for physical preparation for beginners up to mastering
tactics, but also for professionals.

Boxing is therefore a sport open to all types of people, regardless of sex or weight.
Everyone can find his happiness especially through all the categories of boxing
existing !