You probably know the well-known movie scenes in which blackjack cards are counted. Of
course, this looks fascinating and inspires you to have the ability. However, you should be
careful here, because there are some things that are not allowed, even strictly forbidden.
This includes counting cards. If you have any questions, please stay tuned. In our
BestCasinoListe. com TOP 10 you can learn more about the tricky game method.
Who wins at the casino?

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You may have wondered who usually wins at the casino. Of course, the casinos, like make the
most profit, otherwise you wouldn’t exist so successfully and make so much revenue. That is
why you should not try to push the boundaries and sometimes stop when it is best, and
ideally when you are at the front. Some try to trick the casino by making fake chips or even
counting cards. There are methods that are clearly seen as fraud, and this definitely includes
exchanging chips or cards that have been tampered with.
How does count cards?
Generally speaking, this method is about keeping an eye on the number of cards at the table.
You need to take a close look at the low as well as the high values of the cards dealt during
the game. This is the best way to assess whether or not you have an advantage over the
dealer in your bets. If there are more high-value cards in a deck, the player’s advantage
increases and the chance of winning is increased. The reason why cards with higher value
are better for the player is clear: the chances of winning are increased.
There are different types of card counting systems, and they are all based on statistical
thinking and action, and you might want to bring along a talent for mathematical thinking.
With the method of card counting, the boundary is very blurred, as it is difficult to prove this
method. However, we recommend that you use your common sense and refrain from such
methods, as in the past players have also been subject to criminal liability. Games halls are
now specially trained to detect and control card counters. In the end, it is to the disadvantage
of the casino to have a successful card counter sitting at the table.
Online version: Blackjack:
The online version of blackjack provides the player with two main games. The first variant is
a computer-protected game, the second variant involves playing with a live dealer that allows
you to chat throughout the game. Card counting depends on how the two types of game
The difference between the two versions is that the computer-protected version uses a
random generator system. Thus, all players who participate in the online game are randomly
assigned the cards. For random selection, certain computer programs, such as RNGs, are
used, which ensure that the cards are randomly distributed without a certain pattern.
RNG- What’s that?
RNG stands for “Random number Generator”, and means random number generator. The
generator is responsible for the random distribution of cards in a computer-based game. So it
is almost impossible for players to count the cards. In addition, it is hardly possible to know
exactly when the RNG will be used, which is why it is possible that the deck can be mixed
and rearranged at any time. So you shouldn’t rely on your feeling, because RNG can stir up
and change the game situation at any time.
Live Dealer at Blackjack
In the world of live blackjack, there are a few basic differences to the online version. This is
where the live dealer lays the cards and distributes them to the players. That means here no
RNG takes effect as in the online version of the game. Here, the cards could be counted.
Because in live blackjack, the deck of cards is on the table, so you as a player would be able
to write down the cards that have already been dealt while the live dealer deals them to the
players at the table. This would mean that theoretically, card counting would be easier.
Please note that gaming halls and online casinos are always prepared to expose card
counters or players in general who are trying to deceive and deceive the gaming halls. Many
operators have already had experience with these cases in the past, and thus protect their

online games with specially designed software that prevents players from counting cards, or
other methods that allow them to win the game.
Do you want to count cards or not? – Our conclusion:
As a team at BestCasinoListe. com, we recommend that our players do not use the method
of card counting, even if it is not completely illegal and can not always be proven. Sometimes
it’s better to be on the safe side to avoid unpleasant consequences. And even when counting
cards, there’s not always a 100% guarantee of winning the game. Depending on where you
play, you also have to follow the house rules of the casino. If the house rules explicitly
prohibit card counting, you must of course follow the house rules unless you want to be
excluded from the game altogether or even be banned from the house.
Save yourself the unpleasant consequences right from the start and rather trust your gut
feeling and rely on your lucky streak.