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When and where was created the padel tennis ?
Paddle tennis is a sport invented in Mexico by Enrique Corcuera in
1969 , with time the games arrive in Argentina and Dubaï, Qatar.
It is also relatively popular in America, in 1995 l’american Padel
Association was formed and the first class opened and competition

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It is also spreading rapidly across Europe in particular in Malta, Espana
and Italy.
This sport has not been practiced for very long, it was invented in the
last century, but continues to spread and attracts more countries in the
world. In a few years this sport should be known worldwide
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What is paddle tennis ?
This is a fast game that requires a lot of responsiveness and
online tennis odds are one of the most popular.
Padel tennis is an adaptation of tennis the pitch is about 25% smaller
than a basic tennis pitch and has walls around which players can throw
the ball. The racket is also different, it is solid and made of plastic, and
tennis balls have less pressure than usual . The game is mainly played
in teams of 2 against 2 opponents.
Local leagues and tournaments are frequently organized and the best
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The best paddle bets is The world panel tour, this is a clash between
the best paddle pairs in the world, it is possible to see the competition
of paddle online but also to bet online.
In 2021 the World Padel Tour is the most followed competition in Spain
and in most of the world.
What are the rules of paddle boarding?

At first, the server is behind the service line and must bounce the ball
and then hit it at the waist height. The ball must then bounce into the
opposite service box before being hit by the receiver, if the ball does
not bounce in the square, there is a fault.
How is paddle game counted?

Counting is similar to tennis, points are counted in 15,30,40.
Once you reach 40 there is game, the paddle game is won once a team
has reached 6 games with 2 difference.
Can we- can we bet on the tennis paddle ?
You can bet online, several live bets are possible, you can place live tennis bets on the winner
of the match, this is the simplest bet. In a match there are 6 parts, it is
possible to bet online on the team that will win the first game of 40 of
the game. This is the best paddle bet for passionates because it is very
risky and the suspense is at its peak.
How does a paddle tennis tournament unfold ?
When a tournament is organized, there is the up/ down system.
The terrain are numbered, when the match is over, the winning team
moves up and the losing team goes down. The goal is to be on the fiels
number 1.
Can everybody play paddle tennis ?
Padle tenis is accessible to everyone, children can register from 4 years
old, learning in easy and immediate pleasure !
It is an ideal racket sport for sporty or non- sporty women and men,
If you hesitate to play this game do not hesitate !