Here you will find our choice of the best online betting providers 2021, the best football odds and much more about online sports betting.

What a great year for Sport it has been! We are celebrating our Winners and best Results from Tokyo to London.

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Asian Bets, Multiples and Co,.... what is to know

Sport and Betting are a great way to sit with friends, colleagues and family and share your passion for a local team, or sporting hero. has compiled a list of providers to give you a little head start. Finding the best football odds, tennis odds or rugby odds. We understand this can be tricky and we feel your pain.

Asia Bets are now becoming more and more popular within Online Casinos and most  Providers expanding their Betting tables with Asia bets. Premier league football odds, Bundesliga Football Odds are high in demand as well as La Liga football odds, and the ever so popular Italian Football League.

Single bets are the most common of all football bets followed swiftly by Asian bets. Multiple bets in Football are on the rise and those betting slips are frequently shared on social media. Its quite a thrill to add up all those football odds and create a betting slip, which several great Teams or events. And Winning is even better!

Football odds seem to be a sheet of numbers only for the untrained eye, but we can assure you, its really simple and to set up and register with a great provider even easier.

For that reason we are happy to introduce to you some of the better Sportsbook providers, Casino’s offering Sport and eSport.

We give feedback on Football odds, odds in general and most of all, we provide a list so you don’t have to search for it by yourself.

Our list of online Casinos will give you a great overview on providers, we have checked and found to be a good platform to deal with.

Sports betting is a great way to socialise and share some great moments in Sport and similar events. Once you have chosen your Casino or provider, make sure your mobile is supporting the betting platform in a way,  that your betting slip and the odds are clearly visible. e.g. best Bundesliga football odds or best live tennis odds .

Check out if there is a cash out function as those are not offered for every bet.

Cash out function in Live bets in football are usually limited. Live bets in Football and other sports are hugely popular and its paramount that your app is updated, your phone and your internet are up to scratch.

Live Football bets have taken the number one spot in Europe followed by Tennis Live bets and other sporting events such as Live Rugby and Live Cricket and Live Volleyball.

Whatever your choice of bets is, Live Football bets or Multiple Football bets, our Team from wishes you a successful season 2021.

Handicaps and Betting

Asian Bets and handicaps, ..what is to know.

I simple terms for beginners: Handicaps are a way to balance out two Teams which might be not equal on paper but with a given handicap could increase the chances of a draw, or placing a winning betting slip.

The odds of such bets in football, Tennis, and for example cricket are less attractive but its popularity in Asia is flooding into the markets worldwide.

The idea is simple. If you choose an Asian Football bet and Football odds of lets say two Football teams, you ll be offered to select a handicap.

Bayern Munich vs Hertha , here the clear favourite is Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. The best Football odds for Asian bets would give Hertha a 2 goal lead ( ~ 2 Goal Handicap ) , so betting on Hertha to win or draw Bayern Munich must not score more than 1 goal. The Result would be Bayern Munich 1 – Hertha 2. A draw would half the football odds for that particular Asian bet.

Multiples are the ultimate thrill between Football enthusiasts. Deciding on more than one event and creating a betting slip up to 8-10 is priced highly and the rewards could potentially be great.

Winning such a betting slip is almost like a trophy and often shared within social media. Finding the best Bundesliga Football odds or best Tennis odds and putting them together in one betting slip sounds more complicated as it is.

Within our Top10 Provider for Football odds we have made your choice a little easier. Here you ll find the best online casinos offering the best Football odds, the best Volleyball odds, Tennis odds for Premier league football bets, Bundesliga Football bets, and many many more.

Legends of Sport, .....

Betting is not new to the modern world and it seems to be as popular as ever. A friendly bet , done between friends, a bet placed in a stadium with your heart on your sleeves, or online, the thrill and joy is the same. The entertainment value is unbroken.

Sporting greats and their records and achievements are celebrated across the world. The likes of Jesse Owens, Martina Navratilova, Mohamed Ali, Maradonna and his hand of god are forever in the books of history.

Rivalry and competition between clubs, Players of individual events, record breaking results are fascinating and have drawn in clouds of people. Have Inspired our kids to take up sport and participate in events.


Premier League Bets – Asian Bets – Bundesliga football bets- What you should know….

Sport is an activity that connects friends, family and even strangers. While you sit together, you are excited about your favourite team, you can talk and speculate about your favourite players. This may have led to the idea of betting in the early past. While in the past you bet among yourself, nowadays there are countless online casinos where the betting offer is plentiful.

We as a team have compiled a list of providers with The list serves as a guide to make it easier for you to decide on the large selection. Because we know that it is not easy and sometimes can be tricky to find the best provider for you if there are too many choices.

What types of bets are now on the market?
Of course, there are countless betting providers where you can place different types of bets. We checked the most popular types of bets for you.

Meanwhile Asian bets are establishing themselves on the market and are also on offer with many betting providers. What should not be missing, of course, are the premiere league football bets, as well as the Bundesliga football bets. These have been firmly established on the market for years and are quite popular with players. The Italian Football League is close to the back.

Are there different types of bets?
Yes, there are different types of bets. On the one hand, there are the so-called single bets and on the other there are the multiple bets.
The single bet is one of the simplest forms of betting. This means for you to bet on a result, place the bet and, of course, set the bet. If you have typed correctly, it means for you as a result that you have won the bet.
On the other hand, there are multiple bets, as the name suggests, you can place several bets on different results in one game. This type of bet makes sense in football betting, ice hockey etc.

But what kind of bet is better now? Single bet or Multiple bet?
Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, and it depends more on your personal preferences. If you are a little more conservative when playing, you will probably prefer the single bet. However, if you are into a bit of adventure and thill, you will probably find the multiple bets more appealing.
While we cannot take all your choices, we can help you make important decisions. For this reason, we are happy to introduce you to some of the best sportsbook providers, casino offers with sports and eSports.

As, we worked with the best providers, wrote feedback about the football odds, and of course we dealt with the odds in general. As a result, we have created a list for you so that you can save time and find the best provider for you with our list.

With our online casino list, you have an excellent overview of the best providers that we have reviewed for you before. In doing so, we proceed according to qualitative criteria which are essential for a good online casino provider. It is important to know that good online casino providers must have a valid license. The most common licenses here are MGA or Curacao.

A professional online casino should have a structured and clear website where you can find your way around. The terms of condition should be easy to find and read. In addition, you as a player should be able to contact customer support 24/7 whether by email, chat, or phone. The deposit and withdrawal processes should also be simple and easy to understand.

What else do you have to pay attention to?
Also check if your mobile phone supports the betting platform. This way you always have everything briefly and can check your results, whether on the train, at sports or on the road while walking. For example, to have the Bundesliga football odds or the best live tennis odds immediately. You should also check whether the provider offers a Cash-Out function, as they are not offered for every bet.

What is meant by cash-out function?
Imagine this way: You bet on a game and tap on one or more results. During the game, you will notice that you would like to get out of the bet earlier to be on the safe side and not lose. With the Cash-out function, you have this option, and you can withdraw any winnings you have earned from the bet. What you should note, however, is that in this case the profits could be lower than you would like. Cash-out functions in live bets like in football are usually limited. So, it is necessary to check on that before you start to bet.

Live Football bets have taken the number one spot in Europe followed by Tennis Live bets and other sporting events such as Live Rugby and Live Cricket and Live Volleyball.

Whatever your choice of bet is, Live Football bets or Multiple Football bets our Team from wishes you a successful season in 2021.

Handicap betting in sports betting- what is meant by it?
A handicap bet is one of the more specific forms of betting. We would like to explain to you what handicap bets exactly are. In a handicap bet, the losing party or team is given a lead. As an example, the score of the better team in such a bet is deducted. The result is 0:1 before the start of the game. It is important to note that the final result is not decisive for winning. But rather the result and the number of goals that have been specified in advance. The idea behind this is to increase the chances for both parties and boost the odds. How high the lead is depending on the provider and the individual case.
The odds of such bets in football, tennis and for example cricket are less attractive but its popularity in Asia is flooding into the markets worldwide.

How does Asian handicaps work?
The Asian handicap can be seen as an extension of the normal handicap bet. In a simple Asian handicap in a game in which there is a draw, the handicap is considered, and the player can be refunded his bet. This reduces the risk of a loss significantly. There are different versions of this type of betting.

To make the whole thing understandable for you, we will explain it again with an example:
In a case like Bayern Munich versus Hertha, the clear favourite here is Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Thus, the best football odds for Asian betting would give Team Hertha 2 goals advantage- Means (- 2 goals Handicap). This would mean in the result Bayern Munich 1- Hertha 2. According to this, Bayern Munich should not score more than one goal, so that the bet for Hertha pays off. The final result would be Bayern Munich 1 – Hertha 2. A draw would reduce the football odds for Asian bets by half here.

Multiple betting- The ultimate thrill
Betting is always particularly exciting. Although it is possible to estimate somethings in advance, there is no guarantee of the final result. Accordingly, multiple betting is the ultimate thrill for football enthusiasts.
Here you can create betting slips for more than one event at the same time, making decision is definitely not easy. Creating such a betting slip can be a lot more expensive, but on the other hand there are potentially bigger rewards.
Everyone dreams of winning such a ticket and presenting it as a trophy.

Nowadays, of course, especially on social media to share the joy with families, friends and even strangers. Of course, it is not easy to find the best Bundesliga football or tennis odds and put them together in a betting slip, sometimes it is quite complicated, but we want to make it easier for you to choose.

Within or Top10 providers for football odds, we have already simplified the selection for you. Here you will find the best online casinos with the best football odds, volleyball odds, tennis odds for Premier League football bets, Bundesliga football bets and much more.
Betting is not new in the modern world nowadays; however, it seems as popular as ever. Whether it is a bet between friends, family, or a bet in the stadium with strangers who become friends with their hearts on their sleeves, or what is indispensable nowadays: online via social media platforms.
The thrill and the joy are the same. It will never get boring because there is always something new to bet on. The offer is more abundant than it has been for a long time, thanks to social media and numerous online platforms on which to register nowadays. The entertainment value increases significantly, as the number of platforms increases not only the range of betting opportunities but also the number of providers.

Sporting festivals, such as the Bundesliga and Premier League, are celebrated all over the word with their incredible records and achievements. Even people who may not be football fanatics all year round are literally infected by the fun in the stadium.
Jesse Owens, Martina Navratilova, Mohamed Ali, Maradona and his and of God will forever be remembered by the people and in the books of history thanks to their unbeatable achievements.

Sport means rivalry and competition, but also friendship and alliance. It is one thing individual events; records results fascinate us ever since and draw us under the spell. The motivation has been contagious for generations to cheer, laugh and cry. Not only that, but also the practice sports and participate in sporting events.